Hula Girl Cake

After years of making cakes for other people’s kids, I was very much looking forward to making cakes for my own children one day.  But, when my daughter turned 2 we were in Hawaii on a family vacation and I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to make her a cake.  I contacted a bakery in Kauai that would bake and ice the cake for me, so all I would have to do is add the fondant embellishments….seemed easy enough.  As you might expect, a couple things went wrong here.  I didn’t take into account that Kauai in June is pretty humid and fondant doesn’t care for humid weather conditions.  This made the fondant super soft and mushy.  Then, I realized I forgot my extruder at home and had to send my husband to the ONE Walmart on the Island to buy me the Play-Doh “Fun Factory” in order to make the hula skirt and her hair.  Also, apparently the restaurant we were having her birthday dinner doesn’t allow outside food/cake in their establishment.  But, after a lot of begging and arm-twisting, we were able to convince the owner to let us bring it in.  So, here’s my daughter’s sweaty hula girl cake, made in a Grand Hyatt hotel room…cuz I’m no quitter! 


2 thoughts

  1. Rima! That is amazing Mashallah. I knew you were talented, but I had no idea it was to this extent! And you gotta love the determination. You're definitely not a quitter!

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